New icon

Oh yeah, I probably should mention my new icon: My kitsune kanji seal.

How this thing ended up looking the way it did is a mystery; in particular, the green glow was unexpected.

The purple coloration is representative of my connection to Spirit.

Photo: Toby the Tongue

There's far too many photos on my TwitPic timeline for me to post them all; however, this is one photo everyone should be able to agree on:

Toby the Tongue
Click on the above image for a high-res version (2080x1240, 1.4 MB JPEG).

Toby, for anyone who doesn't know, is my rescue shih-tzu; he turns 11 (by one interpretation ;o) later this year.

Of all the dogs I've had, Toby is the most loyal, kindest, and most personable. I sleep with my door closed at night (he sleeps in someone else's room in the house), but he's always there when I open that door - no matter when it is. :o)

If I only had ten minutes to save things...

If a catastrophe struck and you had to leave your home in a hurry (and never return), what items would you grab in your last ten minutes, and why?

First, MY DOG, my photo albums, identity documents, any computer discs with important data I couldn't get from an online backup. Any time remaining would be spend gathering mementos or souvenirs.

Besides the things in that first sentence, there's very little important to me that can't be replaced - the preservation of life is the most important thing.

Journal Going Public Again

I've decided to unlock this journal, and make it public once again, since things have changed in my life so much.

This will allow me to blog longer concepts, and link them them via Twitter, if it would be more appropriate than large multi-part tweets. As a consequence, this might mean I pop on here a bit more often. :o)

(I won't make the back entries public, save perhaps the last one or two. I'm considering it a semi-clean slate.)

First Quarter 2010

Just figured I'd give a little update on how things are going, since I don't get on here much.

In short: While I tend to be heavily isolated nowadays, things are going well overall.

I spend a lot of my online time using Twitter nowadays. Even if you don't have an account and therefore can't follow me, you might still take a look at my TwitPic timeline.

I recently got a new camera, and have been using it quite a bit - and many of those photos (which range from pets, to plants, to special effects) can be found on my TwitPic. You don't have to have an account to look through the timeline.

I've also made great insights into my spiritual nature.

[Public] Friends cut

Due to some members of yet another fandom trying to stir the drama pot - and me not wanting anything to do with it - I've done a very large f-list cut.

Anyone who wasn't a mutual friend has been cut. This is not necessarily personal - it's a security precaution.

If you've been cut and would like to be re-added, please comment on the entry at the top of this journal. I have a feeling that, if you ask, I'll re-add most of you.

If you don't ask... well, I guess you were deadwood anyway, huh? =:oP